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Budapest, Hungary

by MDee

 Buda Castle from Danube River

A Day in Budapest

Budapest is capital of Hungary and one place in Europe in my bucket list. Budapest is an old city was officially created on 17 November 1873 from a merger of the three neighboring cities of Pest, Buda and Obuda. Smaller towns on the outskirts of the original city were amalgamated into Greater
Budapest in 1950.The origins of Budapest can be traced to Celts who occupied the plains of Hungary in the 4th century BC. The area was conquered
by the Roman Empire. Which established the fortress and town of Aquincum on the site of today’s Budapest around AD 100. From around 1300 to the
incorporation of 1873, Budapest was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Visiting Budapest – I advise to take a guided tour to learn more about the country and its rich history. Bus Tours- offers a guided tour with walking tours
combined on historic areas through the old town district of Buda, to the most interesting and most beautiful tourist attractions of the city like the
impressive Parliament, the magnificent Opera House, the historic King’s Palace, the Matthias Church- which is a UNISCO World Heritage site. Buda  Castle is a historic Palace for the Hungarian King of Budapest on Buda side.
The original palace was ruined during world war11, Was rebuild during the Kadar era. During our walk about, have a chance to take photos at the the Matthias Church, A Roman Catholic church located in the Holy Trinity Square, in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion at the heart of Buda Castle district. Also the famous Heroes Square – a tribute to Hungarian National identity and favorite spot for tourist and locals, has celebrated a 1000 year Anniversary. We’ve also walk through Vaci Street the most famous area in central Budapest. It features many restaurants and shops. It is a tourist ground. Line of cafés and shops, catering mainly to tourist market. VACI Utra is the main shopping street in Pest. Housing high end products and accessories which are also found  in high end district in other cities of Europe. While waiting for our tour bus, We’ve watched river boats cruises by the Danube River.

Danube River Cruises from Budapest  to Amsterdam via Viking Cruise is a chance to visit 5 countries at the same time from Budapest to Austria, Czech
Republic, Germany and Netherland. A couple I know, dreamed for many years to join these river cruise. Finally went and had the best time of their life,
It was a dream fulfilled.  Plan yours now!

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Barcelona, Spain

by MDee

La Barceloneta Beach

Have visited Barcelona many years ago, So excited to explore the city. Spain has a history ties to my country. Barcelona is known for its exceptional soccer and the brilliant architectures. It is also famous for its modern art museums, parks, golden shoreline, beautiful beaches and tasty foods. Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya- a historical region of Spain and densely populated second after Madrid.

We watched the live Flamenco Dance show.  They say, beginning of the 20th century during the arrival of many Andalusians, live flamenco shows blossomed all across Barcelona. Dancers clicking there castanets with different fingers produces the rhythmic sound. Barcelona is considered the third capital of flamenco show in Spain. While you are in Barcelona, have a dip at La Barceloneta the golden sand beach also the closes to the city.

We traveled to  Mount Montserrat .It is a multi-peaked mountain range near Barcelona in Catalonia. It is part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range.
A spectacularly beautiful Benedictine monk mountain retreat, about one hour North West from Barcelona by train. Not only is Montserrat Monastery
of significant religious importance but also the natural beauty surrounding the monastery is simply breathtaking. If you enjoy walking there are some interesting walks through the mountains where you will experience magnificent views of some of the most unusual rock formations in the whole of Catalonia. You can take a funicular or a cable railroad to the top of the mountain and from there, you can take in the amazing views of the Catalonian countryside. The history of Mount Montserrat is fascinating and started in 880 when a small group of shepherd children saw a bright light from the sky over Montserrat mountains. In the same moment the children heard angels singing and the music filled their hearts with a radiant joy.
Today,  You can walk to the Holy Grotto and see first hand where these events took place.

Have you watched a bull fight on television or live? These days, Bullfighting is illegal in most countries but remains legal in most areas of Spain and Portugal as well as in some Hispanic American countries and some parts of southern France.

Madrid the Capital of Spain is one of Europe’s most amazing cities, exciting and dynamic metropolis with plenty of things to do and lots of places to enjoy. Most of the time visitors usually have a limited amount of time when visiting a city. Sometimes it is difficult to choose from range of things  Madrid has to offer and Madrid is famous for. Also Madrid’s Puerta del Sol is probably the city’s most famous spot. It is known for being the place where people gather on December 31 to celebrate the New Year.. The square is also the point where all of Spain’s six major roads starts. While most tourists have no idea that the Puerta del Sol is Spain’s symbolic “Kilometer 0.” In the middle of the square, a small plaque shows the exact point where Spanish roads begins – don’t miss it!.
Night life- Spain is famous over the world for its nightlife and party culture. With trendy bars, nightclubs and so much more. Madrid is the place to be  for the ultimate night in the town. Nightlife in Madrid can be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

Plan a Vacation!

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Boracay Island , Philippines

by MDee

Boracay Island

I once visited Boracay Island few years ago, Famous for its white sands and crystal clear blue water
that also house ship wrecks and coral reefs.

We walk around the Island’s white sand beach, sometimes on barefoot, stopping for some treats along the way.
You will never runout of things to do in Boracay. From swimming to island hopping, diving and snorkeling, sailing and kayaking.     If you are a type of diver that simply can not choose between wrecks and reefs when it comes to planning your vacation ?
which there are many around the world where you can have both, But one of the most spectacular of these is Boracay Island,
Scuba diving in the colorful reef life. Divers will be treated to a stony and soft corals, swim-throughs, caves and plenty of marine life actions and many more.

Best season to visit the island is December to May(dry season/peak season). Regardless of the season, Both international tourist and
local visitors keeps coming back to Boracay for leisure, relaxation and water activities.
Accommodation are reasonable from luxury to mid-range budget. Back packers staying in the hotel is the best, They have dorm type rooms, single and more. Bring an umbrella with you to protect you from the sun and unexpected down pour of rain, also your favorite beach necessities, sun blocks, googles and eyewear.

Boracay Island is located at the central part of the Philippines, With many more Islands around it, like The Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island that turns brown in the dry season,  El Nido Beach in Palawan Island, It’s known for white-sand beaches, coral reefs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archpelago.  Miniloc Island is famed for the clear waters of its Small and Big lagoons.
Nearby Shimizu Island has fish-filled waters. The area has many dive sites, including Dilumacad Island’s long tunnel leading to an
underwater cavern.

Before you get to Boracay Island, for International travel must land to MIA International Airport, Take a domestic flight to Kalibo Airport  then a bus will take you to the boat waiting that will transfer you to the island. If you are in Kalibo around mid-January, they have a celebration called the Ati-atihan Festival, which for us here is called Caribbean Festival. While you are in the Philippines, explore Manila, You will not regret you came.  I had the best time during my visit at The Pearl of the Orient, The Philippines.

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